Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Donald Trump

The scary thing involving Donald Trump’s rise to lead the race to be the Republican nominee for president is not Donald Trump, nor his outlandish statements.  The frightening thing about Trump is the fact so many people have rushed to endorse his quest. 

How can so many people be taken in by his empty rhetoric?  Trump promises to have full employment in the United States with every citizen a job.  Close examination of Trump’s record would quickly reveal he has done all he can to avoid American labor; even to the extent of importing foreign workers on one of his projects in New York which avoided building requirements, safety requirements and certainly were working below scale on that job.  He has made a long list of promises without the first concrete plan of how he would accomplish his grandiose scheme to move America forward.

When asked about the recent agreement over Iran developing a nuclear bomb, he claims without particulars, “I would have done a much better job.”  This is like saying I could have beaten Mohammad Ali, if only I had been in the ring 20 years ago.  An equally outlandish claim is that Mr. Trump claims he can label most all Mexican immigrants as rapists and drug dealers and still get the majority of Hispanics to vote for him.

“I am rich” is not a qualification to be president.  If this were so, El Chapo, the escaped drug lord in Mexico would qualify.

Trump’s denials are truly amazing.  This guy denies what he said when he said it on television.  Even now, while denigrating American military personnel who were captured in combat, he now claims he really didn’t denigrate them, he was only lashing out at one of his political opponents.  If anything, Trump is a modern day snake oil salesman who can’t even be honest about his net worth.  He brags he is worth 10 billion dollars and publishes a financial statement that includes no liabilities.

How can this guy, as he claims, seal our borders against illegal immigration when he can’t even keep them off his latest construction project.  Equally amazing is his claim he would build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico and make the Mexican government pay for it.  He claims he would have the Mexican government give us $100,000 for each illegal immigrant into our country.  How on earth could he do this?  Does he propose we once again invade Mexico to enforce such a claim?  

Should we trust Donald Trump’s political positions when they have constantly changed over the years?   He once praised Hillary as a great friend and competent leader.  Now, Trump views Hillary Clinton as an incompetent pretender to the presidency.  Also he once defended abortion as a woman’s right to control her own body--but now has morphed into an anti-abortion pro-lifer.  He has switched positions on so many things such as universal health care that they can’t be listed in the space available for this article.

Donald Trump is as phony as his comb-over hairdo.  We can only hope a good wind will bare his almost bald head.  We can also hope people’s inquiry and a revelation of Trump’s past will blow away his empty promises of full employment, border control, solid social security and the ability to bully China, Russia, Mexico and Iran.  Having a substantial number of citizens in this country who are qualified to vote and who are seemingly supporting Donald Trump--and his outlandish ideas--is truly a scary thought.

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