Monday, September 19, 2016

An Open Letter to Evangelicals of a Certain Political Persuasion


I have recently become aware of a gentleman who would love to become a deacon in your church.  This is an older gentleman who is currently married to his third wife.  He has a history of publicly boasting of his past adultery and sexual conquests.  When asked, he has expressed the view that he has never felt the need to confess or ask forgiveness from God or anyone else.  He is known to have insulted numerous people because of their race, national origin or religion.  So far he has also refused to apologize for this behavior to any of the people whom he has offended.   

Also, this gentleman is somewhat loose with the truth and has told a few whoppers when it would be beneficial to him.  He is somewhat profane with his language in public speech.  He appears to have a dim view of most women stating on occasion that women look better when they are on their knees.  He regularly ridicules people with whom he differs, especially on the subject of their religion. 

While claiming to be a devotee of the Bible, he is unable to cite a single biblical verse with which he was familiar.  Additionally, he has not demonstrated an ability to even correctly cite scriptures in the Bible—particularly, New Testament books that have two parts.

In spite of these minor flaws, I am certain this gentleman would contribute greatly to your church because he says he is very rich.  However, there is no evidence that he has tithed or is committed to do so.  It is my understanding that in the near future this gentleman will be applying and requesting your church to select him as a member of your board of trustees, deacon or whatever your governing body is.  I look forward to seeing how this gentleman is received by your church.

Author’s note:  If you would not accept such a gentleman in the fold to govern your church, why on earth would you support such a man to lead the nation?

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