Monday, August 22, 2016


Concern over the life of the unborn is a worthy endeavor.  What about concern for the lives of those already born?

In a backdoor effort to curtail abortions, the Texas Legislature seriously reduced funding and stopped funding of Planned Parenthood in the State of Texas.  The September issue of “Obstetrics and Gynecology” reports that maternal deaths in Texas have doubled since the funding reduction and the cessation of support for Planned Parenthood.  In 2010 when the cuts were made there were 72 reported deaths of women related to childbirth.  The most recent report was 2012 when the number of maternal related child deaths was pegged at 148 which caused Texas to lead the nation in such deaths.

Many in the Texas Legislature seem to believe programs run by the private sector are always better than any government program.  It is somewhat strange that when it comes to women’s health and counseling, those same politicians obviously believe a state-run program can be more beneficial than Planned Parenthood.  Truth be known, Planned Parenthood has been unfunded by the Texas Legislature as an additional way to deter abortion.  This is even though the Legislature has the authority and power  to fund Planned Parenthood while excluding abortion services by that organization.  In fact, most Planned Parenthood facilities had already ceased offering abortion services prior to the Legislature’s action putting them out of business.

After shutting down Planned Parenthood, the Legislature has authorized what they call an initiative for women’s health.  It appears not to be working.  It is disorganized, and has relied primarily on an organization dedicated to opposing abortion.

Even if the Legislature could not be motivated by humane concerns over the health of pregnant would-be mothers, it seems consideration should be given to costs.  It has been proven time and time again that lack of prenatal care can lead to problems in children which the state ends up having to deal with for several years.  They can’t seem to get it straight that healthy mothers more often lead to healthy children.

The shocking facts above, along with other policies neglecting protection of life, call into question the real commitment of our governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.  Our top leaders seem to ignore not only the health of mothers but problems with the agency responsible for the care and safety of children.  Several children have died for lack of follow up, investigation or action by Child Protective Services.  Sadly, for some time, our state has refused to address the problems with this agency.  CPS has long been understaffed, underfunded and burdened with caseloads too large to properly manage.

Because Abbott and other top leaders want to burnish their conservative credentials, Texas has become number one in the nation in the number of children without adequate healthcare.  It seems that Attorney General Paxton is more concerned with suing the U.S. government than relieving the suffering of thousands of Texas children.

It is time for us to elect some statewide leaders who really care about protecting the right to life rather than partisan bickering over bathrooms and wasting millions of dollars on frivolous suits against our own government.

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