Tuesday, May 10, 2016


It seems to me that anytime anyone comments on abortion they are bound to run into trouble with one group or another.  There are some attitudes about abortions which simply do not compute in my mind as logical reactions.

I’ve often said that hypocrisy is too often a common malady among participants in the ritual of self-government.  In my mind the same is true concerning abortion.  First of all, while I am repulsed by the thought of abortion, I’m also repulsed by the thought that government should enforce a religious belief and that men should vote and pass laws telling women how they should treat their own bodies.

I’ve also opined that the hypocrisy in the forces of anti-abortionism strikes me as somewhat hypocritical in that great concern is expressed time after time for the unborn, but generally those expressing that concern appear to have very little concern for those children already born.

Texas has a dismal record of caring for its children.  Currently, there is a minor scandal going on concerning the state’s foster care program.  There are numerous records of abandoned children being required to spend the night in the offices of state administrators because of inadequate facilities to offer better care.  There are serious questions as well about psychiatric care of children who are victims of abuse.  Apparently, there is no cohesive policy as to when and how long children should be afforded psychological therapy and very little tracing of the results thereof. 

There’s no aggressive adoption program in Texas, and our state leadership in their wisdom is doing its best to obliterate Planned Parenthood which was doing a credible job of counseling poor and unwed women about how to avoid unwanted pregnancies. 

Child Protective Services has traditionally been classically underfunded and inadequately staffed.  Numerous cases have surfaced where children left in abusive situations too long have suffered debilitating injuries and even death for lack of follow up and adequate investigation.

The national press has repeatedly reported that there are more uninsured children in Texas percentage-wise than any other state of the union, and yet our governor and past governor steadfastly refuse to accept federal funds there for the asking which could cover millions and millions of Texas children with adequate medical care.  Children who lack medical care will only cost us in terms of not only dollars but heartaches for future generations in our state.  While I understand the desire of those who, based on religious beliefs, advocate abolition of abortion, I do not understand those who claim to adhere to the majority of our religious teachings ignoring in such a callous way the needs of Texas children.

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