Monday, August 17, 2015

Donald Trump is Right (About SOME Things)

Strangely enough for many of you who read my columns, I believe Donald Trump is right on target on some things.  In fact there should be a place for Donald Trump in the national scheme of things.  Were I in charge, I would appoint Donald Trump as “Critic In Chief.”  He is correct in the long list he spouts at the drop of a hat about what’s wrong with America and our current political mess.

Listed below, not necessarily in order of importance, are the ten things Donald Trump has identified as major problems in the United States:

1. America is not dealing very well with the ISIS crisis.  While perhaps not a direct threat to America, ISIS' beheadings, and apparent success in luring Americans to their cause, at the very least is an embarrassment to the United States and does not help our image as the world power.

2. Immigration is clearly a problem in the United States.  Political inertia and partisanship has prohibited us from developing a rational and equitable system of immigration in our country.

3. Our infrastructure is suffering gross neglect from our national leadership.  The Congress, in its zeal to see how lean we can make our budget, is starving our infrastructure.  An alarming number of our bridges have been declared unsafe, and our highway system is not meeting the growing population or the growing need to maintain a modern-day economy.

4. Healthcare is a mess.  While the majority of doctors, and almost all Republicans, rail about Obamacare, none have stepped forward with constructive suggestions about how America can better deliver a health system to the majority of our citizens without remaining the number one cause of bankruptcy in America.

And Trump has hit the nail on the head and said what no politician will say out loud:  5. The obscene amount of money and the farce of believing super PACS, spending billions of dollars, do not overly influence the actions of our congressional leaders, governors or even local politicians.

6. Dealing with China, a problem too long ignored and continuing to grow.  Our debt to China continues to explode, and it seems no elected politician has a solution for demanding fair trade practices from this growing giant.

7. Treatment of our veterans is a national shame.  We rattle our sabers, want to boast of being the most powerful military presence in the world, and send our boys and girls to combat while too many of us feel we and our children are immune from having to face death on foreign fields.  Yet, we fail to really treat our veterans as heroes. 

8. National officeholders seem to be all over the place about how to deal with boosting America’s public education to lead the world in innovation, new ideas, technology and science. 

9. Neither party seems to have a really good idea on how to prevent Iran from developing and possessing a nuclear weapon thereby launching a nuclear contest for power.  It seems many of our congressional leaders would rather kowtow to the leader of another nation than to work with our president for some reasonable solution to the problem.

10. How to dramatically improve our economy, replace our high-paying manufacturing jobs, obtain a decent wage for American workers and encourage spectacular growth of our middle class are yet other issues of concern.

Perhaps this nation would be better off simply by all of us, whatever faith and whatever God we worship, concentrating our prayers on our nation finding solutions beneficial to all to the above-listed problems--because I doubt seriously Trump or anyone else will provide us with the relief we need.

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