Monday, July 14, 2014

So-called Governmental Attack on Religion

I'm getting a little tired of seeing right wing conservatives on television continue to use religion as a political foil.  I hold the personal belief the commandment of not taking the Lord's name in vain means substantially more than not using it in a curse word.  I think those who use it for political show, particularly the hypocrites in the world, will have to answer for it at the end of the line.

Particularly irksome to me is the claim by Senator Ted Cruz and others that religious liberty is under attack here in the United States.  As an example of a governmental attack on religious freedom they then go on to cite the IRS investigating citizen groups.  They know, or should know, the IRS investigation on the so-called religious citizen groups is usually caused by the fact that special interests attempt to clothe themselves in religious endeavors to disguise the fact they are nothing more than a special interest political tool--case in point are organizations formed by the Koch brothers and "Bush's brain," Karl Rove.

As to religious freedom in America, there seems to be good news and bad news.  National studies have shown there has been a substantial decline in citizens who attend church regularly.  The good news is that there's still a vast majority of Americans who believe in a Supreme Being even though they do not ascribe necessarily to a formal religion.  The further good news is that although there is a perceptible fall off in church attendance, there seems to be an increasing zeal among younger citizens who are committed to their faith.

No nation in the world promotes or tolerates diversity in religious beliefs as does America.  Our Constitution still stands for the proposition that citizens should be allowed to worship or not worship as they choose.  There are glaring examples of our government comingling protecting freedom of religion along with freedom of speech.  A classic example occurred in Hardin County, Texas, where the courts ruled cheerleaders were protected in their right to publish and advocate biblical scriptures at Friday night football.  It seems to me if there has been an attack on Christianity by government, at least in Southeast Texas Christianity is winning.

In America, religious activities are not under attack by the government, but religious activities unfortunately are being forsaken by too many Americans who had rather go to ball games, hunt, fish or simply sleep late on Sundays.

When I see Ted Cruz alleging that our national government is trying to destroy Christianity, or Fox News claiming there is a violent war against Christmas, it makes me feel as though my religion has been hijacked by a bunch of phony hypocrites who had rather use their religion for political purposes than spread the gospel of Jesus by living as He taught.  For those who truly believe we should be concerned about a governmental attack on our religion, I would hope you would fight back by occupying a pew at the next religious service of your choice. See you Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

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