Saturday, May 21, 2011

Investment Tip

Most of us want a good return on money we invest.  Here is an inside tip.  If you have $100,000 lying around you really don’t know what to do with, or can do no better than 1%-1.5% interest return on a CD, there’s a way you can do better.

Take your $100,000 and contribute it to the next election of Rick Perry, whatever that may be.  Even though Perry has burned up the airways traveling around making every Republican political ‘do’ he vows he is not interested in leaving the wonderful job of Governor of Texas merely to be President of the United States.  

I’ve come to the conclusion that betting on Perry has good odds.  Here’s a guy who managed to end a three-way election with only 39% of the vote and proceeded to act as though he’d been elected by a landslide.  While obsessing over federal involvement, describing Washington DC as the “Devil’s town” and making talk about Texas being better off not a member of the Union, Perry presided over a broken budget, giving little or no attention to the future of Texas, but balancing the budget with that dirty federal money, leaving us to the horrible $25-30 billion dollar deficit we now enjoy.  

Perry gets by with blithely supporting tax breaks for mega-yachts, while teachers are being laid off by the hundreds of thousands and nursing homes fear they will have to close their doors, while senior citizens scratch for some other place to live.  

Perry’s hypocrisy has not seemed to rub off or cause alarm with a majority of Texas’ voters.  He appears to be more “Teflon” than Ronald Reagan and more tough-skinned than “Little” George Bush.  While thousands of protestors swarmed the state Capitol grounds protesting draconian cuts in education, Perry continues to insist we shouldn’t touch the $12-billion or so that we are about to have in our Rainy Day Fund.  

Even more hypocritical and disgusting is the fact our governor has the gall to maintain we should continue the Rick Perry slush fund, better known as the Emerging Technology Fund.   Perry has, without any real oversight, given away $350 to $370 million to “fat cats” in Texas who really don’t need it. Supposedly, it is for the creation of high-tech jobs and does not constitute loans for startup businesses, but out-and-out gifts to multi-millionaires.  

People do not seem to be bothered by the fact that most of the recipients of these tax dollars also gave Perry gifts ranging in the neighborhood of $100,000 each.  At least two of the companies benefiting from Perry’s largesse have gone broke; it is almost impossible to determine whether or not any of the rest of them achieved their goal of promised jobs for Texans.  

Even the Republican Legislature must be getting a little nervous now in that they are recommending better oversight and transparency of the Perry slush fund.  In a state where school children will be without updated school books in the coming school year, it would seem to me to be a better investment to give $300 million to buy new school books rather than give $370 million to multimillionaires who claim they have the “keys to the kingdom” and will create very valuable, profit-making businesses in the future.

It is obvious that an investment in a Rick Perry Campaign can have an extremely high yield.  Many of the $50,000 to $100,000 contributors to this last governor’s race have received several million from the Perry slush funds.  Where else can you make a 100-1 return on your investment?

The next time one of your friends complains about the “welfare Cadillac”; namely, the poor person receiving welfare while driving an expensive car, you should point out to them the “welfare Cadillac” drivers are pikers.  Under the Perry Plan, we are giving welfare --which should be delineated as Lear-jet welfare-- by giving millions to businessmen who don’t need it to begin with.

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